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AZOCT-Audition: Venta
AZOCT-Audition: Venta
    Strutting dutifully along the Golden Desert, parting the coarse sand between her feet as she went, Venta, Princess of the House of Vortax of The Vannlak Empire, slowly exhaled as she walked, before breathing once again, the breath a long and shallow one. her two scorpionic legs were working in tandem with the contractions of her lungs, allowing her to receive another filling breath with each iota of exertion that was inflicted upon her.
    Venta had been trained to breathe this way for long excursions in the cold and soon to be freezing desert night, so as to conserve her energy and postpone hypothermic precursors. The way she walked had a similar effect: Her animated movement allowed her legs to retain their elasticity, rather than becoming rigid in the cold. A princess should know these things after all.
    Venta was resilient in nature, but she could feel the physical strain of her long, laborious vent
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OC (pony form) - Mr.Sneevil :iconwillnoxas:Willnoxas 0 0 OC - Venta :iconwillnoxas:Willnoxas 2 0
My Best Friend...The Overlord
Long ago, in the beautiful enchanted land of adventure, majesty enthralling the landscape in its power. However, an adversary of this world rules with a power so absolute, that he was feared by all. His name was unknown but all knew him as The Overlord. Until a battle long ago removed the Overlord from his head. Long after that battle, the hero wanted to use the dark ones helmet as a trophy, only to find that it could not be located. The dark magic on the helmet had hidden it, keeping it far from any who may want to use it.
I, Nightmare Moon, will cause the sun to never rise again; the moon will be all the ponies ever see, and I will lead these ponies into a new empire!
Nightmare Moon, I Punish you to the place you love most and where you can’t cause anymore damage…The Moon!!!
“I’m sorry, Luna.”
Luna woke up from another night of sleep, if you could call it sleep. She had been in isolation for so long, the days no longer held any value to her. All she knew
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Just A Normal Pony
It was a peaceful afternoon in Ponyville. The idle chatter of the town’s ponies and the clacking of hooves on the cobbled stones of the little town's streets were the only sounds that permeated the air. All around where little houses with thatched roofs, brick and stucco walls, and happy ponies in the doorways. Vendors called to ponies from behind their stalls and in front of their carts. The smell of baked foods and fresh produce wafted from every corner. Within the center of the town was the castle of friendship, the new home of Princess Twilight Sparkle where she watches over the town with her friends.
Twilight had helped a pony named Starlight Glimmer move into a new home within the castle. Starlight moved into Ponyville to better learn what friendship could be for the princess of friendship, Twilight Sparkle. It was great as she made a lot of new friends and finally enjoyed her life. After spending the day with Trixie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash,
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Of Stars and Samurai - Ch 2
Within the Realm of Loren lies the once grand city of the dwarves who now find themselves on the edge of extinction. The city was the center of the dwarves empire, build into the side of the tallest mountain in the world. However one day the dwarves found an old door  the size of a colossus deep in the heart of the mountain and opened it. From the underworld gateway of Loren, Nulkath The Lord Of Fiends came into the mortal world. His darkness spread like a mist of death, killing most dwarfs in the city, leaving its remains for Nulkath’s minions to pick clean.
    It is here today that Orc find themselves with the other races of Loren to turn back the tide of evil that moves from the gateway to conquer the world. From the once gilded halls of the royal throne room sat Nulkath. His true form was rumored to be a giant monster of raw strength and powerful dark magic. However, sitting on the old dwarf emperor’s throne was a human. This man had long blonde hai
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Of Stars and Samurai - Ch 1
Long ago in a distant realm known as Loren...I, Nulkath, The Lord of Fiends, let loose my army of darkness onto the world...But a misguided Orc Warrior wielding a Sword of Light seek to destroy a battle of epic bloodshed we fought as enemies...before the final blow against me was stuck, a Magical Rift in the sky tore the Orc from the battle and Loren, throwing him into another realm. Now the warrior journeys to find his way home and end my rule.   
    A chill wind blew through the trees in the forest of this realm, sending red leaves scattering through the air. The floor of the forest was a kaleidoscope of colors, slowly shifting in the breeze. A stream carried a red-and-yellow bouquet of foliage steadily towards the distant sea. In the trees, birds huddled together against the cold and chirped softly. The air was fresh and crisp.
Brittle leaves crunched under a wooden heel.
The birds paused in their melody and watched as the intruder passed
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The Wrath Of Molag Bal (ESO) :iconwillnoxas:Willnoxas 2 0 The Mouth of Mordremoth (GW2) :iconwillnoxas:Willnoxas 4 5
The Ageless Man And The Princesses
Within the town of Ponyville the Royal Princesses were visiting for a festival to celebrate the anniversary of the town's founding. All was well as Princess Twilight had prepared for any issues...except for one. Suddenly the ground shock the town as ponies fell to the dirt, only lasting a moment this quake was a sign that something magical had entered Equestria. Celestia and Luna felt a familiar magic in the air as they trotted to a field between the town and the Everfree forest.
What they saw caused them both to remember a past they never knew about...A metal house and a Human man walking out of it in a daze.
Earth...Many years after the Second World War in Europe, Wales…..
Near an old ruined seaside monastery there was a strange metal house that some travelers would describe to have a squid like shape with a metallic viewing tower, and a wide entrance from the lawn leading to a big dome with round steps. This was the home of an British Inventor and Mage named Roy Woo
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My Best Friend...The Overlord
Long ago, in the beautiful enchanted land of adventure, majesty enthralling the landscape in its power. However, an adversary of this world rules with a power so absolute, that he was feared by all. His name was unknown but all knew him as The Overlord. Until a battle long ago removed the Overlord from his head.
Long after that battle, the hero wanted to use the dark ones helmet as a trophy, only to find that it could not be located. The dark magic on the helmet had hidden it, keeping it far from any who may want to use it.
I, Nightmare Moon, will cause the sun to never rise again; the moon will be all the ponies ever see, and I will lead these ponies into a new empire!
Nightmare Moon, I Punish you to the place you love most and where you can’t cause anymore damage…The Moon!!!
“I’m sorry, Luna.”
Luna woke up from another night of sleep, if you could call it sleep. She had been in isolation for so long, the days no longer held any value to her. All she knew
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AZOCT-Audition: Venta


    Strutting dutifully along the Golden Desert, parting the coarse sand between her feet as she went, Venta, Princess of the House of Vortax of The Vannlak Empire, slowly exhaled as she walked, before breathing once again, the breath a long and shallow one. her two scorpionic legs were working in tandem with the contractions of her lungs, allowing her to receive another filling breath with each iota of exertion that was inflicted upon her.

    Venta had been trained to breathe this way for long excursions in the cold and soon to be freezing desert night, so as to conserve her energy and postpone hypothermic precursors. The way she walked had a similar effect: Her animated movement allowed her legs to retain their elasticity, rather than becoming rigid in the cold. A princess should know these things after all.

    Venta was resilient in nature, but she could feel the physical strain of her long, laborious venture beginning to take hold, her muscles aching in protest each time she tried, and proceeded, to raise her long. Nethertheless, Venta persisted, in order to accomplish her goal, she would have to. I’ve come too far to quit now, and even if I did, if I could, what then? Should I return and wait for my merciful queen to dispatch of me in the name of politics? Or, shall I become the warrior I was born to be?

    Not only did Venta consider herself a warrior, she was formidable, although not merciless. Venta would often reminisce over the night, many years ago, when her quarters had been attacked by agents of the Faith of Stars. At this point, Vannlak and their neighbors had fostered a tenuous agreement, and it had been broken as easily as each assassin’s neck or spine, save one, at the hands of a then adolescent Venta.

    Why she had spared one had always perplexed her. She had reasoned that it had been her first time killing, but then countered that her life was in danger. She considered the notion that she might have wanted to send the dishevelled assassin back to his own country, as an emissary of failure and fear, but her begrudging riposte was her knowledge that an assassin caught on the palace grounds would be executed within the fortnight.

    She had mentally wrestled with the thought for many years (which was her least favorite type of wrestling), and had eventually come to the conclusion that she had just not wanted to kill the assassin, who had watched all of his associates fall like so many grains of white, snow like sand. What she thought sparing him might accomplish eluded her, but she had tried regardless.

    Now, she had no choice but to extend that same magnanimity which she had once considered a weakness unto herself. She thought back to her last day in her esteemed empire’s capital. Then, three days before she left on her journey, she had looked out upon the denizens of her hold, knowing that she would likely never return. Never again would she see the temple, marvel at its beauty, seek solace within its walls, or listen to the priests philosophies about the grandfather.

    Then, she thought of the marketplace, where she had bore witness to the trafficking of human lives, who were considered as substandard in Vannlak society. These men and women were pitiful, with no hope of release nor aspiration for reprisal, they were resigned to their fate. Venta would not miss the marketplace one bit.

    Images of the destitute slaves struck in her mind, the drive to exact a plan she had been sitting upon for months was suddenly and violently sprung into motion. She had visited an apothecary, gathering food and medicine for her journey, before raiding the palace armory, incapacitating a guard that sought to impede her escape. Venta could not bring herself to kill one of her own subjects lightly.

    Venta had known her need for escape for a long time, since talks of perpetual and everlasting peace had begun between her house and the Faith, many of them involving her. While she was not permitted to sit in upon council meetings, nor diplomatic negotiations, she knew those who were, and had heard from her sources that the bartering of her life was likely to facilitate the treaty being drawn up. The lords and kings of each house would offer one of their blue-blooded elites up for sacrifice, to prove their equality and willingness to shed blood for one another.

    The High Queen, her mother, had submitted Venta’s name quickly, or so Venta had heard, and the Lords of the Faith had been very agreeable. To be fair and equitable, they had offered a trophy of their own, but they could not match the worth of a Vannlak princess, as the High Queen had likely known, so they had submitted four of their nobles for sacrifice instead.

    When Venta had learnt of this transgression, she did not become infuriated. She had long known of her mother’s desire to rule for as long as she was able, and to allow her nation to become as prosperous as it could be, and knew that it outweighed her desire to be a mother. Disillusioned as she was, the only thing she could truly grow angry at was her circumstance, and the fact that the Faith purported to sacrifice her to their god.

    How am I to fight a god? It isn’t possible, the Faith’s god is intangible as he is false, there is no way to fight this fate as a warrior, there is only the inevitability of being slaughtered by cattle.

    While Venta had once believed in doing all that was possible for the greater good of her kingdom, she had long realised that it was not her kingdom, but the High Queen’s, and that she would never play any part in her people’s lives. The people of Vannlak were long lived, the High Queen, old as she was, would not require a successor for near 80 years, and Venta wondered if she would abdicate even then, her dedication to her own power was tenacious.

    It was this tenacity that had put Venta in this situation, one she was meant to be unaware of still. Leave now, or be sacrificed for the good of the country. Venta, in her own act of self mercy, chose life, and the fleeting chance of salvation that it presented. Venta had long heard tale of a tree which grew in the desert, one that would not wither or die, no matter how long it went without rain or sustenance. It was said that this tree had magical properties, greater than those that her people nor any neighboring nation could harness, and that it could be used to grant any wish to its beholder, so long as that person was clear and undiluted in their desire.

    Now, as Venta continued to walk, each step morphing into the next in a stupors blur brought about by her latent exhaustion, but not yet noticed by her, she continued walking, by the guide of a map, which she had stolen from the temples months prior.

    For a long time now, Venta had known her wish, to be able to form an autonomous nation, free from the constraints her mother might set, and lead her own people to glory, without relying upon her birthright to do so. Now, her wish and the necessity of her leaving happened to coincide, so she had decided to attempt to make her wish, and if nothing came of it, count her losses and keep moving.

    That had been the plan, at least. Now, she wondered if she might become stuck after all. The journey so far had been strenuous and her supplies were low, maybe so low that if she continued she would become stuck, but there was nothing left to do now. Maybe, with persistence, topographical knowledge, and a little bit of luck, she would be able to return to the Vannlak empire, but what good would it bring her? She would live a life of luxury, like the one she had lived up until this point, until the time came for her to die, and then, she would fulfil the purpose she had been assigned.

It was with a heavy mind and even heavier limbs that she began to stumble across the very unnatural landmark she had heard to look for, although she barely had the awareness to react with any excitement. Once she had realized exactly where she was, she thought of how she might word her wish, considering her own streak of vanity and hubris, and remembering that it might be important that she imbues the right words in her request, lest she be misunderstood or even betrayed by the tree.

Once she was certain that her thoughts were ordered and her mind was clear of any obstructions, she knelt before the tree, the bending of her knees producing a metallic sound as her submissive right leg became lodged in the sand, before speaking aloud, clear and unhesitant despite her fatigue.

    “You, who would be gods to me, I beseech you! I have come before you to pay my homage, and to make a serious and desperate request. I have been cast aside by my mother, megalomaniac as she is, and branded sacrifice, for the good of my empire. I call this unfair, the people who would require my death in order to live can not be my people anymore, and so I have decided, I wish to possess a kingdom of my own, a glorious one, which I would lead with strength and impunity, one that would lead its people to greatness! I do not treat this as my birthright, but as something which I have worked all of my life to achieve, now I ask for the opportunity to make my goal a reality. I ask you, gods of the land and the sky, the sand beneath my boots and the stars that burn above me, you who created all of the wonders of the land and the creatures that walk it, bestow upon me the opportunity to create a grand and powerful kingdom, allow me to prove my worth to--”

    At this point, Venta was cut off, a bright light emanating from the already vivid tree, now coupled with its ethereal glow. A voice could be heard drifting from the tree in Venta’s direction, that seemed to draw closer along with the strange light, before pushing forwards and invading her consciousness, much akin to an involuntary thought.

    "I am Doctor Ametsuchi, the creator of magic and researcher of the universe. You have been deemed worthy of a special gift: to choose your own destiny. However, there is a great trial that you must overcome, with the odds greatly against you making it back. If you accept my conditions, grab the star, and we shall begin."

    With that, one of the stars she had alluded to during her prayer began to descend from the sky, to Venta’s complete shock, before landing on the ground, it’s warmth filling a large section of her surroundings. I knew of the magic of the creators, but this is unheard of. A star descending from the sky? And now I must touch it, yet I find myself hesitant… The god speaks of some great trial, but what is it that must I do? I asked for glory, and now I must work for it, this can only make sense.

    Believing her determination to outweigh her fear, Venta extended her arm, removing her large gauntlet before allowing herself to make contact with the star, which was strangely warm and pleasant to the touch, until it was not. It was not because it was no longer there, and neither was Venta.


    When Venta next felt anything, she considered the passage of time. She wondered whether it had been seconds, hours or even years since she last moved. She surmised that it could have been a very long time, as she laid somewhere extremely cold, and it was reasonable to assume that she had been in stasis.

    As she rose, she took in her surroundings. The white sand around her crunched beneath her feet, and melted at her touch, unlike that which she was used to. After a few seconds, she made a connection between this substance and snow, a decorative blanket of which was considered a beautiful feature of any nation it was native to, with its picturesque look, mouldable heaps and ease to clear. Venta had never seen snow herself, but had not expected it to be this cold, it was colder than the desert at night, to her alarm.

    This was not all that served to alarm her. As she studied the land, noting the mountainous terrain in the distance, as well as the questionable floating islands to the south, she found herself being flung into the air with swiftness and violent force.

    Shocked as she was, reflex kicked in late, and she was only barely able to implement a basic breakfall, allowing the armor of her gauntlet to absorb the impact of her sidelong landing. As she skipped up, she looked forward to behold little, before discerning that a portion of the snow around her was sleeker and icier than the rest, and was moving in a pattern that resembled a humanoid.

    The creature appeared to have four arms, as well as two legs and a large, cubic head. Its chest was translucent in the centre, and its hard and powerful arms, legs, and head were completely opaque and solid. As the creature swung one arm after another at Venta, hands the size of her head, she began to deflect the flurry of blows with a set of parries from her stolen vortex sword. Because the creature was able to incorporate more arms into a continuous attack than any one attacker should be able to, Venta was put at a disadvantage. The creature gained ground as it landed crushing blow after crushing blow upon Venta’s sword, a couple of its attacks hitting her armour also, which it did a reasonable job of deflecting.

    As Venta blocked, dodged and backed up, she started to realise that their was a pattern to her attacker’s movements, the arms were going in sequence, and each swing of the third arm left the creature’s strangely translucent chest exposed. Considering that the creature’s arms were repeatedly striking her sharp sword, she could assume that the creature was strongest where it was the most solid and opaque, so hitting its chest was likely her best chance at a decisive blow.

    Not tarrying in the slightest, upon the next rotation, she waited for the creature to raise its upper left arm before jumping up, lunging downwards and plunging her long and thin sword directly into the ice monster’s collar, which it grazed off with a small howl of pain. No! It’ll compensate now, I’ve lost my chance.

    Contrary to Venta’s belief, the creature began to swing wildly and with reckless abandon, sometimes putting her in mortal danger, sometimes so off target it was like she was not even being targeted anymore. It was with the creature’s loss of any reason or attack tactic that Venta was able to exploit the creature’s weakness, and then capitalise on it, planting her blade directly in the centre of the creature’s chest as she came upon it, bundling it to the floor, before tearing down to its abdomen, releasing the sword and stabbing it thrice more, for some measure of certainty.

    Panting and filled with adrenaline, Venta leaned against her fallen foe for a second before using it as a prop to lift herself from the ground. Using the sheath on her belt to wipe away the ice on her sword, she sheathed her sword, before turning to face a sudden voice in the darkness, her gauntlet clad hand instantly upon the hilt once again.

    “Cold enough for you?” The voice laughed derisively, beginning to take a physical form before her eyes. The owner wore a mask, black and white, and a suit of purple colours, his attire would have been comical had it not been so sleek, and his appearance would have been curious to Venta had it not been so startling.

    “I’m afraid the boiler has been out of service for many a millennia here, so I suppose a heartwarming apology for the blistering cold shall have to suffice, if you can find one, that is.”

    Venta did not appreciate the spirit’s mocking of her, but knew that this floating entity might be the god that sent her here, in another form at least, so she chose to be polite in her response.

    “Where exactly am I, if I may ask?”

    The spirit waved his hands back and forth and shook his head where he floated. “No no no, you’re doing it wrong! Introductions first, then explanations! Honestly, it’s not that difficult, but then, maybe it is for you, so I’ll start. I am Ko-Reko, although, my friends call me Ko-Reko.”

    Venta narrowed her eyes, unsure what to make of the spirit’s strange behaviour, but afraid to anger it regardless. “I am Venta, Princess of the Vannlak empire. Well, former princess I suppose, but--”

    “Ah, the Vannlak empire! There’s a lively bunch if I’ve ever seen one. I mean really, murdering, pillaging, enslaving others, engaging in hedonism, you’re all so wonderfully debauched! But seriously, do you realise just how generic your empire is? I mean, you’re just like the Dothraki, the Mongol Empire, the Galactic Empire, the Achaemenid Empire, the list goes on and on really. But you… “Ko-Reko made a circular hand gesture directed at Venta as he spoke, “You seem different. You wish for more than slaves, riches, and pleasures, am I wrong? What was the word you used, glory? And a chance to prove yourself, I believe.”

    Suddenly the wording of Venta’s prayer came back to haunt her. “You mean that my great trial is to be a battle?”

    “A battle?” the spirit echoed. “Ha! If only it were so easy. No, my princess, you will have to fight a great many of those in order to secure your place in destiny. See that glow on the back of your hand? Those are your stars, small representations of the one you touched to get here! Right now, you are in the Ice Horizon Zone, one of five, to be precise. Your goal whilst here is to fight your way to the top, when you find an opponent worthy of battling you, you will be able to take their stars, should they submit, or should they be unable to stop you from doing so. You cannot, however, kill an opponent to take them, is this clear?”

    Venta mulled this over briefly, it would be nice to begin her new life with a clear conscience, even if it might put her at a disadvantage in combat. “I understand this, but what should happen if I lose my stars?”

    “You will return to where you were before you set out to find this place. And knowing your background, and what lies ahead of you, I can assure that you don’t want that.”

    Venta eyed him with some intensity, scrutinising the small but strange apparition before her. “Are you the god that brought me here?”

    The spirit seemed to find this idea whimsical, as his next words were between giggles. “Me? I am simply Ko-Reko, silly. The one that brought you here is outside of even my knowledge, she is… Mysterious to say the least. Should you encounter her, do not irk her, that could be quite problematic. Now, you should get moving, it’s cold here, after all, you don’t want to freeze before your next fight!”

    Venta shuddered slightly, reminded of the biting cold surrounding her. “Where should I go? Will you come with me?”

    “Wherever your feet take you! Hmm, you intrigue me, so I might pop up on occasion, but don’t expect me to fight for you, that’s your job.”

    With this, Venta’s arrogance spiked, and adopted a harsh tone. “No one fights for me, do you understand? I am a warrior, and I will be treated as such.”

    “Well then, warrior, you’d best go wage some war, clock’s ticking.” And with that, the impish spirit and his dapper clothing faded, and Venta was left staring at the air.

    This is all very strange, but magic has always been that way. I suppose I should set off now, my kingdom isn’t going to win itself.

AZOCT-Audition: Venta
Story Editor- All Art Is Quite Useless -…
Venta- Willnoxas - OC - Venta

Ko-Reko & Dr.Ametsuchi - AndYetNoBananas -…

This is for AngelZoneOCT -
OC (pony form) - Mr.Sneevil
from my old account to this one.

Art by-…

Name: Mr.Sneevil  (full name: Sneevil Blot)
Race: Pony (Earth Pony)
Age:  general...stallion (in human 29)
Gender: Male
Mane/Tail Colo(u)r: Black
Coat Colo(u)r: Grey
Cutie Mark: Goat Skull
Special Talent:  Whispering(Able To talk to monsters and being from the Realm of Darkness)
Other Abilities: His jacket is actually a dark element of Greedy named Jacky from the realm of darkness that lives in the fibers of the jacket. Jacky can starch out dark tentacles that can steal anything in range with out anyone noticing.)
Likes: Bits and Treasure hunting. apple sider with ice. stealing stuff thank to Jacky or just trek folks out of there stuff. people who are smart and challenging. books of a magic that applied to his cons.
Dislikes: people who fools, warm apple sider, his plans failing and getting stuff taken from him. snobby ponies.
Ultimate Goal: - getting rich.
Worst Nightmare: losing Jacky and his Dark Element allies
Backstory: Sneevil Blot lived as a poor pony in a backwater town on the edge of Equestria. This along with the fact Sneevil was clever then most ponies made for himself a life become rich.  He is a conpony who early on meet a dark elemental and helped it, earning his cutie mark and his best friend who became his jacket....together they steal or con there way to money and treasure.
long story short...I need : my oc(demo img  OC - Venta by Willnoxas and her sword - demo img   <da:thumb id="669360395"/> -) drawn in this manner ( three drawn pictures of the character, at least one of which is a front view full-body image. Including multiple poses, angles, and expressions on one peace of paper in color) as a reference sheet so I can enter a OCT (Original character tournament  )

basically my oc drawn in color like this ref sheet- Untitled Drawing by Willnoxas

please help me and ill credit you and I can pay with paypal...just show me your prices

the deadline would be April 5 (that's when the OCT starts)

let me know if interested
OC - Venta
Art by


Name: Venta (Her full title- Princess Venta Vortax )

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Vannlak (Humanoid scorpion)

Height: 6, 1

Weight: 250

Skin: Dark scorpion plate exoskeleton except humanoid head that is light skinned

Eye Color: Dark yellow

Hair: bald(no hair)

Physique: Tall with an athletic bulky build.

Clothes: she wears robes reminiscent of ancient Egypt royalty in the color scheme of her nation’s royalty (Green and Black). She wields the Vortax Blade (long sword made from old exoskeletons of past away royal family members). this blades is it is always coated by non lethal paralyzing poison(said to be the blood of the royal family still beating beyond the grave.) The Vortax Blade is also stronger then steel and very close to diamond hard. As it is a blade made of old exoskeletons it to is resistant to magic.


Combat Preference: Venta is physically strong like all Vannlaks. Venta uses unarmed fighting skills(claws and talons). She also uses the royal Vortax Blade to fight (long sword made from old exoskeletons)

Personality: Honorable warrior, finds joy in duals and proving she is the best. She has anger issues and hates dealing with people who are not serious about a fight. Serious All the time and has pride in herself.


Skills: Unarmed skills(claws and feet talons) and long Sword skills(Vortax Blade, once a Vannlak dies its exoskeleton becomes harder then steel and close to diamond tough. Which is what the blade is made of, the Vortax Blade creates a non lethal paralyzing poison coating on its blade.)

Strengths: physically strong. Venta is resistant to basic or weak magic and resistant to high heat temperature from living in desert.

Flaws:  Hard to monitor opponents that are small and up close due to exoskeleton and because of exoskeleton she weight more then humans thus is a tad slower motion- (she has slow movement speed). Weak to more agile/long range characters. Cold makes her exoskeleton move even slower. can't swim.

Powers: great physically strength.


Venta was born as the next heir to the Vannlak Empire( see empire notes below) Venta is destined to rule her people as he mothers before her did. Venta was betrayed by her mother, The High Queen. Her fate was to become the sacrifice to the Empire’s neighbor, The Faith of Stars, a religions kingdom who use spies to infiltrate nations using light magic. Venta’s own mother offered her daughter to secure this alliance with The Faith. One day in the future Venta would die for the people and mother who betrayed her trust.

Venta was born into greatness, not to be a pawn in her mother's schemes. The Faith only wanted a royal Vannlak to offer to their god, and a chance to put agents into Vannlak territory. Venta decided that she would not be a pawn for her mother, her people, or anyone ever again. So Venta left the Empire with supplies and mystic scrolls, setting off on a quest to find her own glory, her own empire, and her own fate.


The Vannlak Empire Info-

Empire Name: The Vannlak Empire

Crest: A golden scorpion on a black circle.

Banner Colors: Dark green and black

Brief History: The Vannlak started as a group of modified giant black scorpions that were created by a mad mage who hid in Golden Desert near Death’s Claw Valley of a world known as Teroa. The Vannlak refer to the mad mage as The Grandfather who cared for his children. The Grandfather spent years of his life teaching the Vannlak about war, battle tactics, philosophy, and culture. On his deathbed, he named his favorite student High Queen of the Vannlak. The High Queen respected the Grandfather and made him the lord of there religion in his honor.

But the high Queen knew that for the Vannlak to live in the world in peace they must show the world there strength. Since that moment, the Empire has waged wars with lesser kingdoms and empire, pillaging farmlands and towns, and enslaving the worthy but devouring the weak.

questions and answers about the vannlak legion.

(1. What sort of social pressures are placed on genders? On the crippled? Sick? Elderly? ect.
A- The vannlaks genders play a major part of their society as females have more power in the legion then males. The vannlak males were raised to respect and obey the females as there loyal guardians, soldiers, and workers. (also vannlak males are not as physically strong as the females). the Females rule the Empire as senators of various areas of the empire with the high queen as the head ruler. The sick, crippled, or elderly are cared for as best the legion can until they die then there exoskeleton is removed and added to the family item(sword, armor, jewelry, etc) as is the vannlak tradition.

2. What do people in Vannlak think is their dream job?
A- In the Empire males dream job varies on their combat skills. At a young age a vannlak male must take a test of fighting ability. If they are skilled they join the army. If not they can procure any job they wish (except senator, general, any political or high military position.) with the highest paying job being slave master. Females can have any job they want with the most grand job is being senator of a region (won by election).

3. Is the culture more group focused or individual focused?
A- The Empire is more group focused. The Empire first.

4. How does your empire get the resources it needs to survive? What do they eat or drink? Do they like luxury goods? If so, what kinds?
A- The Empire in the beginning raided small towns and lesser kingdoms for slaves, food, and supplies. The Empire main source of food is fruits and vegetables grown on various farms.  the Empire raises and farms slaves within their borders like cattle. The slaves are split into two categories. The female workers and male brooders. The workers are women slaves used as the main work force with male and female vannlaks supervising them. The brooders are male filed with an ancient formula used to give birth to more slaves (exp- a man is forced to drink the formula. Then a vannlak cuts his arms and legs off, the limbs grow into new slaves (like a star fish)(gender varies.) and the slave grows his limbs back and starts to cycle over again.)

6. What is the army trained to do? What combat does it specialize in?
A- the Empire army is trained to overpower its enemy. The standard army has the new recruits in front the somewhat experienced in the middle and the veterans in back. Their melee weapons are swords, axes, spears, maces, shields. Their range weapons are crossbows, longbows, ballista and catapults. They are skilled at close range combat more than range. Think the roman legion and Egyptians mixed but as scorpion people.
Long ago, in the beautiful enchanted land of adventure, majesty enthralling the landscape in its power. However, an adversary of this world rules with a power so absolute, that he was feared by all. His name was unknown but all knew him as The Overlord. Until a battle long ago removed the Overlord from his head. Long after that battle, the hero wanted to use the dark ones helmet as a trophy, only to find that it could not be located. The dark magic on the helmet had hidden it, keeping it far from any who may want to use it.

I, Nightmare Moon, will cause the sun to never rise again; the moon will be all the ponies ever see, and I will lead these ponies into a new empire!
Nightmare Moon, I Punish you to the place you love most and where you can’t cause anymore damage…The Moon!!!

“I’m sorry, Luna.”

Luna woke up from another night of sleep, if you could call it sleep. She had been in isolation for so long, the days no longer held any value to her. All she knew she was asleep for years, but it always seemed that the poor princess had the same nightmare every time she closed her eyes.
A thousand years changes a pony, and the mare known as Nightmare Moon was no exception.  Hate turned to anger, which turned to grudges, which turned to self-pity, then remorse, then genuine guilt.  Luna knew now that she was wrong and all she wanted was to return home.  

“Home”, she uttered in her daze.

A place where you were always safe, comfortable, and well fed, a place that she missed more than almost anything.  But even more than home, she missed her elder sister, Celestia. The pony that taught her love and kindness, who never doubted her little sister even when she doubted herself, the pony that she let down in a way that was unforgivable.

She came from time to time to visit, not in the last hundred years, but she would come by.  But that was back when Nightmare Moon still had a hold over Luna.  Princess Celestia would come, and determine if her sister was ready to come back, and wait for an answer.  Every time it was a ‘no’.  But Luna still remembers her sister’s face every time she came.  It was a look of disappointment and disgust, a look that conveyed to the now remorseful alicorn that she could never come back.  The worst part was she didn’t even blame her older sister.  
“Sister… I’m sorry… can I please come home? Luna whimpered.

If there was even the slightest chance that her sister was out there, she would scream her loudest, in her official Canterlot voice, begging for Celestia to take her home.  But that was far-fetched as no amount of wishing could save her. she had to stop dreaming that something or someone would just be with her and keep her sane. Luna got up, and decided to go for a walk.  It was the first one she had in at least ten years. Most of her solitude had been spent immobile.

After spending the day, or it could have been many days walking, she decided to try to find a crater comfortable enough for her to sleep in.  She hadn’t taken a step when she heard a noise right behind her making Luna jumped.  The moon was always quiet, so this incessantly loud roar was the first real noise she heard in nearly a thousand years.

        She turned around to find something had just smashed into the moon, a new crater formed right behind her. Luna was lucky that she was just far enough not to be hit by what she assumed was a meteor. Luna did like this bit of excitement although meteors aren’t exactly rare on the moon, even if none ever hit during her banishment.

           Luna was about to walk away from this new crater when she heard a strange noise come from the center of it. Almost like heavy breathing from a large beast, the moon began to move under her like a small earthquake. Then out of nowhere a roar came from the crater, and then something flew out of it straight at Luna. The Princess was hit in the head by something, knocking her out with the last thing she remembers was a scream…

               Gods Damn It!!!

When Luna finally came to, the lunar surface was quiet again.  The crater was gone. She took this time to look around; pieces of moon rock were floating about, lying on the ground, making a mess of the area. But something was still bothering the young princess; she thought she heard a voice…
It started coming back to her, but she could only remember what she heard, anything she saw was lost to her memory.  There was a voice— the deep, booming voice that seemed to resemble her official Canterlot voice. Suddenly, a thought struck the princesses mind, it had to be a pony. Unless she was going crazy… she really hoped her first assumption was the correct one. She inspected the area that was the epicenter, as far as she could tell anyway. After walking and looking for at least a few hours, or maybe days, she gave up and began to walk back to her sleeping crater when, off in the distance, she heard it.

“By the Gods above, where the hell am I?!” It was the voice, just as booming as ever if a bit quieter. To Luna however, his voice was a chorus of angelic unicorns. She ran towards him more excited than she had boon in nearly a thousand years. As she ran, she heard the voice again…

“Oh my bloody skull, like I was hit by a battle axe…”

Luna couldn’t stand waiting any longer, after such a long and miserable time in solitude on the moon, here was a pony that seemed to be in the same boat as her. She finally reached where the voice was echoing from and screamed in her Canterlot voice…

“My fellow pony, your princess of the night is…here?” There weren’t any ponies here. Only a hard ugly metal helmet lying on the ground, her eyes must have been playing tricks on her, she assumed.  Just like her ears, there were no ponies here. With her expectations shot down, she left the crater with her head hanging lower than usual.

“I guess I’m alone again…”

“What, is someone there?” Luna looked, but there was still nopony there. “Hello? I’m over here! Come over here! I can’t move!” Luna took a few steps into the crater.  

“I can’t bloody move, why the hell can’t I move?! Luna still didn’t see where the voice was coming from as she now stood next to the helmet.  

“Make your location known. Your princess does not enjoy being played with like this!” Luna was starting to be annoyed.

Luna looked down at the helmet next to her.

“Stop staring at me you fool!” The eye sockets of the helmet glowed a dim red and stared at the princess. She jumped back in terror, and tripped over a moon rock behind her causing her to fall flat on her back.  Luna was quiet as the helmet eyes begin to glow a bit brighter.

“For death’s sakes, get up off your fat ass and help me, minion!” Luna had so many emotions going through her mind.  The first was fear as this ugly helmet was talking to her. It didn’t even have a mouth, was this a sign to confirm that she was losing it. Next was relief.  Even if she was going crazy, there was now somepony to spend her solitude with. But the emotion that filled her heart the most was anger, this ‘thing’ dared to talk to her in such a way, did he not know who he was addressing…

“You would do well to mind your tone with me, commoner!”

“What in the hell are you?! A talking pony!?” The helmet sort of moved to get a full view of the princess as its eyes stopped glowing to fine dim red. Luna could tell this helmet was shocked, but she couldn’t understand why, it had to have met another pony in his lifetime…right?

“Of course I can talk! I have received many forms of education as the princess!”

“Oh for the love of the Gods, why is there an annoying talking pony speaking to me!?”

“I am an alicorn, not just any common pony.” Luna was getting fed up with this helmet’s tone with her.
“What kind of hell am I in and what hell has freaking talking ponies in it?!”

“I am a ruler of Equestria… or at least I used to be…”

“What the hell is ‘Equestria’?!”

“You know, the land of pony-kind and other creatures living in harmony.” The helmet was quiet for a few minutes, this was a odd situation for the Overlord to think about.

Luna was about to say more to this rude helmet when she felt Nightmare Moon awake in her mind. Nightmare Moon had since Luna’s banishment ‘slept’ thru most of the time on the moon to save her strength for her return to Equestria. But sometime Nightmare Moon would awake to show Luna who is in control, however she had to awake this time to teach this helmet manners. Suddenly Luna lost control over her darker self and Nightmare Moon took control over Luna’s body, her coat became dark black as a aura of malice surrounded her.

“I am Nightmare Moon! You will show me respect worm or suffer!!”

“I Am The Overlord!! I have slain countless warriors, crushed mighty wizards, and enslaved the living with my armies of dark minions!!! It is you who should show me respect or die!!!”

Nightmare Moon and The Overlord then started a interesting shouting match with each other for what seemed like hours, back and forth they gave grand, evil speeches until The Overlord was tired of talking to this pony…

“That’s it!! I have had enough!!” From the helmet’s eye sockets a red beam of dark magic shoot out and struck Nightmare Moon, knocking her out.

Princess Celestia took a step out onto her balcony, She looked up at the full moon in the sky and thought about her sister. She thought about her every night, and wondered what she was doing up there on the moon. Celestia hoped that her sister was ok. It hurt her to see her sister was in so much pain up there, but her duties had to come first, even before family. The white alicorn sighed.

“I love you, Luna. I really hope you are ok.” Celestia turned and went back inside.

Luna’s eyes bolted open, her head was in a bit of pain as she rose up off the ground. Luna looked around to speak with the helmet that was lying in the ground.

“By the Gods, I had the weirdest dream…” The Overlord looked up at Luna. “Damn it I thought I was done with this…” The Overlord tried to move but did not budge.

“What is going on!? “What did you do!?” Luna asked as confused as he was.

“I don’t know, you turned into that horse’s ass that dared threatened me, so I cast a spell on her to shut her up…”

“Nightmare Moon, she’s gone, I can’t feel her in my head anymore.”

“Well it looks like I just sealed that pain in the ass in your head for a time, she must have had dark magic in her for me to do that…and I still can’t move!!”

The Overlord had seen horrors from beyond, fought wizards and warriors, and even ruled a dark empire. However being a talking helmet on a moon in another realm with a talking pony as his only company was definitely new to him.

The two unlikely companions were still sitting in the same crater they found each other in. To Luna, it seemed like they had been there for hours, days even, and it was the best time of her entire lunar exiling. Finally, a voice that talked back to her, Another pony, even if he was very different from anypony she ever met before. She now learned what her sister meant by the power of friendship, because right now, with only one friend in the entire universe, she felt hope and happiness once more.

Nearly this whole time they spent sitting together, The Overlord had been recounting his life story. She understood that he lived in a magical yet dark world, that he was the son of the former Overlord, and that he tried to take over his realm with the aid of his minions , still, hearing a voice other than her own was soothing at least, so she listened with her eyes closed slightly in contemplation.

It sounded to Luna like her friend’s story was drawing to a close; “…and that’s why you should always kill your enemies instead of imprisoning them, right Luna? Luna?  Did you fall asleep, Luna wake up you fat horse’s ass!”

Luna’s eyes bolted open.  Maybe his wasn't the greatest source of a good conversation “No i’m not asleep, and I completely agree… I think.”
“Thank you. Now tell me why you're here and bit more about yourself, don't let me do all the talking.”

“Well,” Luna answered, “the reason why I was sent here.  You see, as Princess of the Night, my job is to raise the moon every night, but I felt that the ponies of Equestria appreciated my sister, Celestia more than me and I guess I ‘cracked’ and became Nightmare Moon.”

“Hey, for banishments and imprisonment goes this is pretty good, heck your sister could have easily turned you into a slug or put your head on a pike,so I think you should count your blessings, as small as they are.”

“Oh, thank you that’s surprising to hear you say that.”

“All because I was an evil overlord, does not mean I don't learn from my own mistakes. I mean I wanted to be a bard, but i was the son of the Legendary Overlord and I ended up trying to taking over the world to be like my father, that's a heck of a mistake if I have ever heard one.”

“Thank you, Overlord.”

Luna and The Overlord in a weird way grew together as friends, each of them keeping the other one sane on that lifeless rock. They passed the time by talking about there life before the moon, there dreams, and the possibility of the future. Eventually after a few more years on the moon, Luna was consumed by Nightmare Moon again and managed to escape her banishment for to set in motion a series of events that were meant to happen.
Sometime later after the imprisonment of the villain,Tirek…

After a long night of royal appointments Luna finally had time to go back to her room and rest for a minute. Making sure that Tirek didn’t cause any permanent damage to Equestria was a bit tiring for the Princess, however she does talk about with her ‘friend’.

“What a long night it has been, can’t wait to relax a bit.” Luna lay on her silk linen bed and looked up at her bookshelf at the helmet placed in-between rows of novels.

“Well don't take too long, I like to be alone when I read my sexy romance novels remember?” The Overlord exclaimed to the Princess.

Meanwhile in another realm...

Long ago, Nothing stood a chance against the Overlord. Not hydras, not sand worms, assassins, skeletons, nothing, Best of all, he didn’t treat the minions, his loyal imps, as bad as the previous ones did. No, he didn’t even hurt them. Now sending them to their death or doom, now that was another story. The minions suffered all kinds of death. Either they were ripped, burned, torn, shredded, stabbed, poisoned, frozen, you name it. But this did not matter. Not to the imps. They followed their master’s every word.

       But during a battle with an upstart hero the Overlord lost his head. This was what happened long ago. Back when their master had been there and even when he left. His presence left an impression on the horde of imps for eternity. Gnarl, the old and wisest imp of all sighed as he left a makeshift tent and walked along the polished, yet old, castle hall. The paintings of the defeated commanders of the past decorated the walls. Their faces of shock and agony brought joy to the old imp.

Within the ruined remains of a tower various colored minions searched thru the rubble as Gnarl, the minion master managed the search of the ruin. Gnarl had the minions look under every rock for the Tower Heart, an elder artifact warp sphere that could allow one to travel to anywhere he or she wanted. Usually Gnarl after an Overlords death would just search for the new one. However the key item of darkness, the Overlord’s Gauntlet was not responding, the gauntlet after an Overlord’s death would seek out the new bearer but for some reason the Gauntlet was inactive.
“Advisor Gnarl! We have found the Tower Heart.” Gnarl walked to the relic as the other minions gathered around the Tower Heart, the minion master hoped the Heart would activate the Gauntlet.

Gnarl stood in front of the massive sphere and held the Gauntlet in the air, the Tower Heart lifted in the air a few feet and shot a beam at the Gauntlet. To Gnarl’s surprise the Gauntlet activated for only a second to give the minion master a vision.

              It was a vision of a strange world, There were rolling hills of verdant green, fields of lush crops and beds of vibrant flowers. The land was encased by dark tall mountains that stretched far into the sky. It was pure and harmonic with barely any evil to be seen. Gnarl almost threw up at the sight of it as the vision then showed the problem, the Overlord’s helmet was in this world and his soul was inside the helm. Gnarl now knew what the gauntlet wanted to show him, as long as the old Overlord’s soul was in the helmet the Gauntlet would not properly active and there would be no new Overlord.

              The Tower Heart lay back on the ground and the vision was gone. Gnarl knew what he had to do, he placed the Gauntlet in his clock and touched the Tower Heart and in an instant he disappeared leaving the minions around him very confused.

Back in Equestria….

“Yes, don’t remind me.” Luna giggled at the thought of an Overlord with a romantic side.

Out of nowhere a large crashing sound echoed from the hallway causing the Princess to jolt her head up from her pillow. Without warning a strange creature entered Luna’s room.

Gnarl hoped that the Tower Heart would teleport him to wherever the Overlord’s Helmet was so that he may claim it. What he wasn't hoping for was to be thrown across the cosmos into a wall, the elder imp had a killer headache and stumbled into a room, which in the long run worked out for him greatly.

“Who in Equestria are you?!” Luna screamed at the elder imp who was still shaking off his migraine.

“Gnarl, what in the seven levels of hell are you doing here?!” The Overlord was almost as loud as Luna.
“Master your alive? I thought your soul was trapped in this multicolor hell hole?”

Suddenly the royal guards and Princess Celestia came charging down the hallway to find Luna and a strange creature talking to an ugly helmet. Celestia found herself very confused as she asked her sister what was going on and if she was in danger. Luna wasn't sure if she was until The Overlord told them that Gnarl is his old advisor from his realm. That didn't really make anything clearer to the Princesses however Gnarl told the princesses that he could easily explain everything, and so with the guards following very closely the princesses, gnarl and the helmet in the imps hands traveled to the throne room.

Once inside the throne room, Princess Celestia demanded to know what was going on. Luna started with her time being banished on the moon and how her only friend as The Overlord, the talking helmet that appeared one day. This was the first time Celestia had heard this and in a weird way she was glad Luna hasn’t alone during her banishment, however she then turned her head to the elder imp and the helmet.

Gnarl explained that the helmet contained the soul of his last master the Overlord, and how dark magic is a bit unpredictable as it sent his lord to Equestria. Gnarl wishes to free the Overlord from his prison and have his Overlord back.

“…and that is my problem, I need the Overlord free of his prison and back in a mortal body.” Gnarl finished.

“Luna you have been with this helmet, what do you think?”

“Overlord, do you want to be free? To be alive again and go back home?”

“Well, mostly I like to move on my own again, so aye I do.”

Luna looked at Celestia and the two sister agreed to give the helmet to Gnarl. Once in his impish hands Gnarl used a bit of his magic to create a portal back to their realm, Luna had one word with Noxas before he left.

“Goodbye, although it was under strange circumstance you taught me the power of friendship in my darkest hour and i will never forget friend.” Luna had a tear in her eye.

“I feel the same way about you, you're my best and only friend and don’t forget that.” The Overlord said to the princess of the night as Gnarl and he left into the portal.

It took sometime but Luna felt that The Overlord, her best friend would be ok back in his realm, he was definitely somepony she would not forget.

       It took some time but the Overlord had been restored to a mortal body, reaped revenge on the hero who killed him, and rebuilt his kingdom back to glory. The Overlord did change as he felt a lighter touch with others nations would work out better than slaying and pillaging them. Gnarl and the minions were happy to a point, even if this Overlord had many new banners of the moon princess made in her honor. However like the old stories say...

       Friendship Always Finds A Way...
My Best Friend...The Overlord
A Princess of Moonbeams meets a unusual fellow during her banishment...what happens next just proves friendship is weird.
MLP FIM / Overlord(video game) crossover one-shot
Now we play the waiting game....


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